Friday, April 29, 2011

Corrections, THE FRONT PAGE, and Amazing Coworkers

1. Please note that Robin Goodfellow will be taking Computer Perfection's place on our May 6th First Stop Friday bill. Don't fret, RG are going to give you an amazing show and CP will reschedule. Stay cool my babies!

2. You know how I feel about the following things: a) Timothy Monger b) positive press for the library/First Stop Fridays and c) THE FRONT PAGE. I love all of these things/people. Which is why it's super amazing that I was not only interviewed by Mike McConnell, the story appeared on the front page (with a picture of Tim Monger above the fold), and TM said the following lovely things about his experience at the FPL, "It was one of my favorite gigs we had last year,” said Monger, 28, of Britton in Lenawee County. “I was shocked at the turnout and reception for an after-hours library show. The audience was wide ranging in age and, while they were very attentive, there was also a nice loose feeling in the place.” Read the full story here.

3. Last but not least, the tireless local music journalist, Jeff Milo, who I am proud to say is a co-worker of mine, posted on the FPL Observer, not only an interview with new FSF family band, Robin Goodfellow, but appropriately spacey video of them. Check it all out here!

Don't forget that next Friday....ONE WEEK FROM TODAY, is the library's next First Stop Friday concert.

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