Friday, April 29, 2011

Corrections, THE FRONT PAGE, and Amazing Coworkers

1. Please note that Robin Goodfellow will be taking Computer Perfection's place on our May 6th First Stop Friday bill. Don't fret, RG are going to give you an amazing show and CP will reschedule. Stay cool my babies!

2. You know how I feel about the following things: a) Timothy Monger b) positive press for the library/First Stop Fridays and c) THE FRONT PAGE. I love all of these things/people. Which is why it's super amazing that I was not only interviewed by Mike McConnell, the story appeared on the front page (with a picture of Tim Monger above the fold), and TM said the following lovely things about his experience at the FPL, "It was one of my favorite gigs we had last year,” said Monger, 28, of Britton in Lenawee County. “I was shocked at the turnout and reception for an after-hours library show. The audience was wide ranging in age and, while they were very attentive, there was also a nice loose feeling in the place.” Read the full story here.

3. Last but not least, the tireless local music journalist, Jeff Milo, who I am proud to say is a co-worker of mine, posted on the FPL Observer, not only an interview with new FSF family band, Robin Goodfellow, but appropriately spacey video of them. Check it all out here!

Don't forget that next Friday....ONE WEEK FROM TODAY, is the library's next First Stop Friday concert.

Friday, April 8, 2011

First Stop Friday: Computer Perfection and Electric Lion Soundwave Experiment

On the coattails of the best-attended FSF yet, is another amazing line-up at the Ferndale Library. Mark your calendars, people, this is gonna be super fun!

Computer Perfection, are decidedly pop, but not simply so. Slightly spacey, especially in the vocals, they put out songs that will have you bouncing along, and then when you're in the groove, you'll hear something surprising, which serves to draw you in even more. Seriously, I really feel like people are going to dance!

Electric Lion Soundwave Experiment are definitely spacey. Certainly what one would call psychedelic rock. Expect rich full sound and dark atmospheric ambiance. And volume, yes, these guys like it loud!

As always, First Stop Friday is FREE an all ages are welcome! Doors are at 6:30 PM and music usually starts around 7PM. Tell your friends!

Monday, April 4, 2011

April First Stop Friday Recap

Before I tell you all about the super busy, super awesome month we've had here at the FPL, I want to deliver some sad news. Spitting Nickels experienced the loss of their keyboardist Ben Borowiak on March 28th. My thoughts go out to Ben's family, friends and bandmates. Their show here was one of our first and they're forever in the First Stop Friday family. A benefit for Ben's family will be held on May 7th. Details here.

The library's been a hopping place this last month what with our Ferndale Reads festivities. On March 29th, we had a visit from best-selling author (and the library's new best friend ;) ) John Connolly. John not only regaled us with stories about his life and writing, but he was also kind enough to sign everyone's books and give each a good chunk of his time. A lucky few of us got to hang out with him afterward at the WAB, and though my alcohol-processing enzymes will be low for quite some time, it was an experience I will never forget. To bring it back to music, John hosts a weekly radio show called ABC to XTC that you can listen to here. I'll even do the math for you: Tuesdays at 10:00 AM GMT (that's 5:00 AM EST) and rerun on Saturdays at 21:00 GMT (that's 4:00 PM EST).

As if hanging out with an author wasn't enough, we also had our best-attended First Stop Friday concert to date. Jura and Oblisk rocked the house so much that people had to sit on the floor! Thank you guys for playing! Pictures below!