Wednesday, September 29, 2010

First Stop Friday Reminder

This Friday, become part of a new tradition! First Stop Fridays at the Ferndale Library. October's bands are Timothy Monger State Park and The Bell Beat. The Bell Beat have a really cool visual experience in store for us, which you can read about it here. Be sure you have your phone all charged up so you can take pictures at the show and go ahead and put pics [at] thebellbeat [dot] com in your contacts right now. Timothy Monger State Park has a new album coming out, and frankly I'm giddy about it. I'm also giddy to have Tim play the library. His other band, Great Lakes Myth Society is sorta the reason this whole local music obsession exists for me, so to have him play, well it's kind of a dream come true. Join me and possibly see me cry, on Friday, October 1st. Doors at 6:30 PM. 222 E. Nine Mile Road.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Local List...from the scene

Sometimes you just have to go with your gut. Say, if Chris Bathgate invites you to something personally even though it's an hour away and it's a work night. I'm halfway through this Local Lists show and I'm already in love.
There will be video, and hopefully pictures.
Nathan K covered "1979". Matt Jones and Misty Lyn- Springsteen and Misty Lyn.

Local List Show

I am going to try very hard to go to this tonight. Just listen to how awesome this sounds, "Chris Bathgate and University Musical Society host an evening of local musicians performing songs from their lists of essential and influential music, inspired by Rosanne Cash’s “The List” concert."

I need at least two people more people to go in case I can't make make it happen!

More info here:!/event.php?eid=144593232242059&index=1

Monday, September 20, 2010

DIY 2010: The Best Laid Plans

Ah yes, DIY Fest. All the best intentions to see every band, to peruse every booth, to talk to everyone. Only that last bit ever gets accomplished. Such is life. I had a good time. I got to see a swarm of flying ants bombard a helpless swarm of people. I got Lettercamp's super special edition of Racoon Panda. It's pink and furry. Get yours here.

Here's some pictures:

Korin and Augie

The Beggars

Sheefy McFly and the Delorean

Friday, September 17, 2010

DIY 2010

DIY Street Fair starts tonight. Are you going? It's going to be great! I do sympathize for Troy Street residents (my street IS Dally in the Alley), but I can't help but love this festival. Tonight, you get to start off the night with The Bell Beat, who you will recognize as future participants in my next First Stop Friday, so you know they're going to be good. The Satin Peaches are a blast to watch. Augie and Korin must have something up their sleeves for an event in the center of their neighborhood. Outrageous Cherry are a good ol' blast from the past and I won't feel like a Detroiter till I see Goober and the Peas tonight. Please also see FUR, the nicest band on earth, and a great psych-, fuzz, electro-rock group.

Saturday...well, I haven't even looked that far ahead...stop in the library during the day, visit me, check out our building, get a card (DL or State ID with your FERNDALE address on it), check out the music, movies and books we have for you. We're right in the center of it all, so why not check us out. Plus our Friends group will be having a used book sale on the lawn.

More info and schedule here!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

First Stop Fridays: Timothy Monger State Park and The Bell Beat

Before I get to the sweet pictures and sweet rundown of how the first First Stop Friday went, let me tell you about the next one. Friday, October 1st, the Ferndale Public Library welcomes Timothy Monger State Park and The Bell Beat (formerly Sh! The Octopus) to the First Stop Friday club. You may recognize Timothy as one of the guys from Great Lakes Myth Society. This is his poppier solo project that has developed into a full band. Expect great storytelling and beautiful music played by some of the best Ann Arbor/Ypsi has to offer.
The Bell Beat play folk-tinged pop with layered background vocals and driving guitar. Randy Bishop's lyrics will have you thinking long after you've moved on to the next venue.

I think anyone here for one band would enjoy the other, so plan on staying a couple hours. Let me know if you're coming on Facebook.

Now, last week at The Ferndale Public Library was a first. The first time a music-only event happened in our gorgeous new building. The boringly-named Multipurpose Room inexplicably has great acoustics, so both the quieter, string-based Forget and the darker, heavier Pewter Cub sounded equally amazing. Pewter Cub opened with their heavier take on shoegaze, with Regan's great moody voice. Forget was a surprise, because they're always a surprise. Their lineup rotates and this time it was a strange long stringed instrument, drums, slide guitar, viola, violin and bass. Their improvised set consisted of two wandering "songs"  that were rhythmic, chill, yet attention keeping.


Pewter Cub