Monday, November 15, 2010

A Doozy

Lots of things to report on, dear readers! I'll go in chronological order.

November 5th

The Mantons and Spitting Nickels rocked the library!

A good turnout for two great bands. The Mantons played their brand of folk rock interspersed with stories about their songs. Spitting Nickels rocked it with a really fun set and a sweet Hammond/Moog set-up. Many thanks to both bands for playing. Here's some pictures!

The Mantons

Spitting Nickels

November 9-12th

Michigan Library Association Conference

As some of you know, I presented on the local music collection/project at this year's MLA conference. The presentation went very well, attendance was great, especially considering that there were six other presentations going on at the same time. There were lots of great questions and suggestions and I met some great librarians doing good work at their libraries. I found the whole conference to be a fruitful experience. Thanks MLA for giving a person like me a shot!

November 13th

Darling Imperial "Takotsubo" release party

Talking about local music all week got me excited to see some. Macramé Tiger, The Beggars and Darling Imperial played The Berkley Front on Saturday to celebrate the release of Darling Imperial's Takotsubo EP. The Front has a marvelous beer selection as well as an interesting performance space upstairs. It does get a tad warm up there, as the sweaty pictures below will show you. Macramé Tiger sets are always fun, especially when they all switch instruments. The Beggars were a blast, as always, and always provide me with lots of great photo ops. Darling Imperial laid down some good, tight rock, with killer vocals by Sarah Sadovsky.

Darling Imperial

The Beggars

Macramé Tiger

November 14th

Bridges and Powerlines, Pewter Cub, Old Empire

Bridges and Powerlines, a band I work with for my other job at Green Light Go Publicity was in town from New York, so I thought it'd be fun to check them out. It was especially fun because Pewter Cub, a band that holds a special place in my heart was also on the bill. B&P have a fun, poppy sound, and had great harmonies. I bailed before Old Empire, but will have to make plans to see them again.

Bridges and Powerlines

Pewter Cub

Coming soon! Jura and Oblisk at the library!

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  1. Sounds interesting. I am going to give this band a try and I might like them. Thank you for sharing!