Friday, September 17, 2010

DIY 2010

DIY Street Fair starts tonight. Are you going? It's going to be great! I do sympathize for Troy Street residents (my street IS Dally in the Alley), but I can't help but love this festival. Tonight, you get to start off the night with The Bell Beat, who you will recognize as future participants in my next First Stop Friday, so you know they're going to be good. The Satin Peaches are a blast to watch. Augie and Korin must have something up their sleeves for an event in the center of their neighborhood. Outrageous Cherry are a good ol' blast from the past and I won't feel like a Detroiter till I see Goober and the Peas tonight. Please also see FUR, the nicest band on earth, and a great psych-, fuzz, electro-rock group.

Saturday...well, I haven't even looked that far ahead...stop in the library during the day, visit me, check out our building, get a card (DL or State ID with your FERNDALE address on it), check out the music, movies and books we have for you. We're right in the center of it all, so why not check us out. Plus our Friends group will be having a used book sale on the lawn.

More info and schedule here!

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