Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' on!

Let's get started with the thing I'm most excited about. The Grand Opening Party! This is the biggest party we've ever planned and with the most music! Come check out Pete Peltier & Paul Gaughan, The MyDols, The School of Rock, The Pop Project and The High Strung throughout the day at the new and improved Ferndale Public Library! The whole thing is FREE (as it should be) and we want to see tons of people there, so tell a friend!

So on to my weekend, because for the first time in a long time, I had one. I had planned to spend Saturday evening and night at the New Center Park, which is lovely and a 3 minute bus ride from my apartment, for the free music going on there. I arrived with enough time to schmooze with lots of great people from Loco Gnosis Records, The Beggars, Pewter Cub and The Spitting Nickels. I only mention this because it means more local music in the library for YOU, dear reader. I saw Macrame Tiger's set and I thought it was a blast. Really fun, and perfect for the hot summer day and  the venue. I will definitely see them again.

It was during the break between Macrame Tiger and Woodman that I started to use my handy HTC Incredible to play Facebook (I'm assuming you don't need a link) detective. See, I'd heard that a "GLMS Tribute Band" were lined up to play at the Savoy, which is newly run by none other than Andy Garris. This is intriguing, but perhaps not enough to make a girl leave the comfort of a grassy hill...unless someone plants the idea in her head that it's actually Great Lakes Myth Society playing under the name The Pussy Hummingbears. After some snooping, I decided that the evidence was such that it merited a 40 minute drive to Ypsilanti for more investigation.

I am so happy I went! GLMS were playing in their "civilian" clothes and calling themselves by that ridiculous name because they were technically practicing for their gig the next day. The result was an intimate audience, a fun (and funny) set and plenty of time to talk to everyone afterwards. Hearing them play "Nights in White Satin", something that probably wouldn't have gone on as long as it did in a "normal" gig, was awesome. Too bad my camera freaked out, or I could share it with you. I also scored a (nearly) one of a kind Pussy Hummingbears t-shirt complete with "bear" autographs. Brilliant.

Chris Bathgate also played a set which, due to the layout of the Savoy and the number of people I was interested in talking to, I missed most of. He did close with his cover of "Across the Universe" and it was beautiful. I hope this ends up on an EP, or some special edition thingie.

Macramé Tiger

The Pussy Hummingbears

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