Monday, May 17, 2010

Library Chainsaw Massacre?

Sorry for the tardiness of this post, but I spent most of the day at the Metro Detroit Book and Author Society's Award Lunch, who were kind enough to award the library the James Dance Grant so that I can create a snazzy collection of instructional books for our lovely group of local musicans. Again please send me any recommendations you might have for this sort of thing.

Last Saturday saw a one of a kind event at the Ferndale Public Library. The Jesus Chainsaw Massacre's Bryan Metro previewed his novel, The Invisible People and he was accompanied by music composed to go along with it by the rest of JCM. Sheefy McFly, an up-and-coming rapper brought his brand of down to earth rap to the mix, for the sort of event a library doesn't see too often. It was wild, it was crazy, there was flailing, there was swearing and there were people here enjoying every minute of it. My thanks to The Jesus Chainsaw Massacre for taking the initiative and using a chance meeting at Blowout to form a real connection with me. To quote someone on Twitter, "It happened and it was FANTASTIC."


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