Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Remember a few months back when I asked what kinds of books you all would like to see in a music instruction collection? Remember how none of you responded? Yeah well, I got the grant! And now I get to be in control of what's in the collection! MWAHAHAHAHHAHA!

I'm kidding. But not about getting the grant. This coming Monday, I will be accepting, on behalf of the Ferndale Public Library, of course, a $2000 check from the Metro Detroit Book and Author Society to be used to purchase materials for a music instruction collection. I plan to include books on how to play instruments (guitar and much, much more); how to use things like Pro-Tools and Abelton; guides to acoustics; legal books on the music business, and more! If you do have any suggestions of things you'd like to see in this collection, please send me an email, call or drop by.

This is, by the way, an effort to give back to the many local musicians who have donated their CDs to our collection, those who have played our events for free, and those who play every weekend and give me and many others great joy.

BTW. In case you haven't heard, the library will close its temporary location at 5:30 PM on MAY 21st. We'll be closed for at least a month. Keep checking this space, and our website: http://www.ferndale.lib.mi.us for reopening dates. We'll be here (and there) working hard to make that first day we reopen PERFECT.

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  1. Congratulations, Kelly. This is great news. Just a thought- have you talked to any of the folk from the Ferndale High Marching Band to see if there's anything the Library could purchase that would complement their efforts? I know it may not be the kind of thing that you had in mind, but those kids work so hard, and a lot of the things that they do for marching band cost extra $$$. Thanks on behalf of the music lovers in Ferndale for your hard work.