Monday, April 12, 2010

Two for the Price of One!

I went to two shows last week, so you know what that means...PIC SPAM!

First, a few words about each.

On Wednesday, I went to see Leopold and His Fiction. I was super impressed! Their song "Golden Friends" is amazing and moody and sounds just as good live as it does here. Each of their three members has wonderful stage presence, so their show was engaging to watch as well as hear.

I bailed before Black Lodge took the I'll have to catch them soon.

Saturday I went to see a show at the Elbow Room, which is famous for birthday shows for people. This one featured Chris Bathgate, Greg McIntosh, Tim Monger and Drunken Barn Dance. It felt like everyone's birthday!

Leopold and His Fiction

Chris Bathgate

Greg McIntosh

Tim Monger

Drunken Barn Dance

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