Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I'm going to this tonight. I'm anxious to see if Black Lodge can slay me again, the way that they did at Blowout. I'm also interested in Leopold and His Fiction. They do this kind of dark, intense, crooner thing, and it's pretty intriguing.

Also, this Saturday, at the Elbow Room, Drunken Barn Dance is back in town! Let's carpool!

It's full disclosure time, folks. I've got a second job. I'm working part time at Green Light Go Publicity right here in Ferndale. It's music publicity. I don't doubt that I'm going to be exposed to a LOT more bands, which is good for everyone, right? Rest assured that this space will still be dedicated to (mostly) local music, shows I go to, and most importantly, the library and the community of Ferndale. You'll still see the things here that you always have, so don't worry!

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