Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Folkin' Out

I feel like I'm always apologizing for lateness here, so this time I'm not going to.

Last Saturday, I saw Tim Monger and Lac La Belle at the Lager House. Tim's always a delight to see, and the fairly new band he's assembled fleshes out his beautiful songs in ways you didn't know you were missing. He covered a Big Star song in memory of Alex Chilton. I caught it on video, and will upload it soon if the sound is decent.

I really liked Lac La Belle. Jennie Knaggs has a fantastic and powerful voice that, when combined with mandolin, double bass and guitar makes for a gorgeous bluegrass sound.

Tim Monger

Lac La Belle

This weekend there are about a thousand bands to see. I will be spared the task of making a choice because I will be in Columbus, OH. Any tips on cool stuff to see?

The new Beggars video!

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  1. I just moved to Columbus, OH, in November. Although I've not really gone out too much here yet due to work & travel, I recently found to be a good place to start looking. It appears there are no calendar recommendations for this weekend at the moment, unfortch. is a local weekly (publishes on Thurs) that lists events, although I don't find them to be very clear about recommendations usually. Here's one of their blog entries with a reco for Thursday:
    And here's a reco for a local act for Saturday:
    Maybe they'll have more when they publish tomorrow. Good luck!