Friday, March 5, 2010

Blowout Recap: Thursday

I think I set a personal record. Seven bands at six venues. That's Blowout.


*Watching other people, who hadn't seen him before, discover that Matt Jones is awesome.
*Happening to catch Rocky Loves Emily right when they telling the audience how much they loved Matt's set.
*Being hugged by Tim Monger.
*Having the decision to go see Black Irish pay off. Those guys are GREAT. If you're into blues.
*Talking to people I didn't know about music.

Last night was a good combination of the new and the familiar for me. I ran into quite a few people that I know, which is a pleasant (and quite new) feeling for me. Running from venue to venue by myself was more palatable, if I knew there was a chance that I'd see a familiar face there. Then there was the new. I had no idea that a band like Rocky Loves Emily existed in Detroit. Aren't we supposed to destroy their happiness before these kids get old enough to play guitars? It wasn't my style (kind of Blink-182 punk pop stuff), but it was good to see a bunch of kids play music and have fun. And hey, they might have a chance at the big time playing stuff that's really popular now.

Also new to me was Black Irish. Like nearly every other band in Detroit, this band is made up of people who are in other bands. Paul Barning (Hotness), plays a mean organ and oh what a voice. Elliott Moses (Universal Temple of the Divine Power) has this intensity when he sings and tears up that guitar. Shane Saunders' baby face masks a guitar demon. Tony Denardo (The Muggs) plays his unique basslines using a keyboard and Tony DiCello keeps the machine rolling with just as much attitude as the rest of the band. See these guys as soon as you can!

I really enjoyed FAWN's set. The new trio already has chemistry and they sound really together. Of course, they've all been in several bands already, so this isn't much of a surprise. I really liked their second to last song.

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And now what you're actually here for, I!

Matt Jones


WCTM Gold!

The Phage

Black Irish

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