Saturday, March 6, 2010

Blowout Recap (Plus-size): Friday

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*Driving Jesus Chainsaw Massacre to Paycheck's so they could "play tambourine with every band that they saw".
*Black Lodge. Good pick Eric!
*Feeling like I was in Marco Polio and the New Vaccines.
*Seriously good parking spot karma.

Blowout always has a day like this in store for me. The ambitious plan that's stymied by something. This time it was the desire to actually talk to the friends that had come out...and the tracking down of them. So, my "bands seen" count went down. No big deal. Let's talk about what did happen.

I saw Forget first. Maybe it was too early in the night for me, but this was kind of bizarre. The stage was packed with musicians and they were producing a wall of sound. I didn't stay long, so this really isn't a fair review, but I feel that I might enjoy it more at around 11:00 when people lose their inhibitions and get closer to the stage and more into it.

Next I tried to see The Juliets. And failed. I hear they were fantastic, as usual.

After that, I caught two songs from Randy Chabot's new project, SX-8 Columbia. There was a decided lack of sweet and sparkley in these tunes, which will take me a bit of time to get used to, but I think it could grow on me.

I finally met up with my friends at Paycheck's for Woodman. They play rock with a folk/Americana bent. It was a fun set to see, especially because Frank is clearly having such a great time.

After that, I turned my schedule over to the masses. Black Lodge at the Gates of Columbus Lounge.
I really wish I had a co-blogger who could help me with this. I know I loved it. I know that I want to see them again. I know that that bass was grooving. I know that watching Kyle McBee felt like watching a prophet. But I can't really tell you what it sounded like. I can tell you it felt like a party and a revival and a show I was glad to be at. Troy Gregory liked it.

With the night waning, I was certain I wanted to see something memorable. I chose Marco Polio and the New Vaccines. I've raved about them here before. They always make me feel like I'm part of something bigger, even if it's only for 35 minutes. I played drums with a few other members of the audience for like half the set. I was literally tied to everyone with red yarn. I was covered by a canopy of umbrellas. Every time I looked at the friend I was with he had this grin on his face, and I'm sure I did too.

And that was it. I have no idea what tonight will bring, but rest assured that I'll share it with you!

Now, pictures!


SX-8 Columbia


Black Lodge

Marco Polio & The New Vaccines


  1. the band you forgot was called "Space Band"

  2. Matt (Black Lodge)March 7, 2010 at 3:36 PM

    thank you for the kind words!

    we'd like to use these photos on our facebook, if that's okay. we'll credit the photos to "Kelly (". if you'd rather us not use them, or would like us to credit the photos differently, let us know

    thanks again for the support!

  3. Er, no (to Eric above), the name of the band is Forget.

  4. highlight of the night-finstrel


    *i think that was the name*

  5. -jr,

    It's Finntroll. And don't forget they're playing at Blondie's on April 14th!