Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Some Ideas

Hello loyal readers who aren't yet irritated by the fact that I almost never post on Monday anymore!

First, I finally saw a show again! Tim Monger/Flatfoot/The Hounds Below/Scarlet Oaks last Saturday.

This was the second time I saw Tim with a band (well, that wasn't GLMS) and I really like it. Especially the trumpet. It just seals the deal.

I'd never seen Flatfoot before. I really liked their genuine country sound. I liked it so much that I bought their latest CD for the library. Look for it soon.

I also hadn't seen The Hounds Below before. I gotta say, I was blown away. The place was packed, and for good reason. There's a lot of classic rock feel in this band, but it didn't feel old hat to me. Maybe it was the fact that I haven't really listened to anything else Jason Stollsteimer, but I was not prepared for his voice, his delivery, his maniacal conviction. He's assembled a Frankenband of awesomeness which is apparently changing frequently: Ben Collins (Lightning Love), Molly Jean Schoen (The Decks), Mick Bassett, and Ben Luckett were all there Saturday and it sounded amazing. Really, people, see this band.

Poor Scarlet Oaks came on after this bombastic set, and while I liked what they were doing, their quieter, more folky sound was sort of lost on me after what I'd just seen.

I know this is going to get lost here between a show review and my "hey go to these things" thing, but I'm going to give it a shot. I've got an idea for a kind of "band/new musician resource" section. Imagine you're a guitarist in a band and you want to maybe start an electronic side project. You'd like to learn some keyboard skills or maybe how to use Pro Tools. Come to the library and get some books, or maybe a DVD to show you. Anyway, my point here is, what would you want in a collection like that? Comments are welcome and encouraged.

Now some things to see.

This Friday is busy. Well, in my mind, there's two choices.

1. High-Speed Dubbing, which blew the crowd away at DIY, finally has a full-length release, entitled, Way of the World out on Loco Gnosis. The release party is this Friday at The Berkley Front. Spattoon and Extra Large Childe are also playing.

2. 52 Week High has a 7" coming out on Five Three Dial Tone Records, their second release and the show supporting it is free at the Pike Room. 52 Week High is a project of Keith Thompson's (Johnny Headband, Electric Six) and Jonathan Weier's and the tunes will be played live by Thompson, Weier, Steven Tuthill, Jon Babich, Mike Alonso and Pan!c.

You should also know that I'm doing my best to buy new national music that people in this town will like. Recent acquisitions include:

Lady Antebellum - Need You Now
Vampire Weekend - Contra
Beach House - Teen Dream
Neko Case - Middle Cyclone

As always, if you think I should buy something, send me an email or fill out this form. Or drop by the library and let me know. I love visitors!


  1. and it was ben luckett who played drums in the hounds below. Not brandon mcdonald.

  2. My apologies. It's been corrected in the post! Thanks for letting me know!