Friday, February 12, 2010

In the Moment

I figured I would write about tonight's show while the sweat was still damp and the memory was fresh. At the last minute, I decided to catch the Polysics/Marco Polio & The New Vaccines/Bad Party show. Sometimes it feels like things are meant to be. I couldn't have picked a more perfect weeknight show to risk my hearing at.

Bad Party, with attitude and plenty of feedback got the astonishingly young crowd going. People were dancing from the moment they got on stage.

Next, Marco Polio did what they do best: create an event. I hesitate to use the term "happening" because that feels old and trite, but it would be the best way to tell someone who wasn't there about it. Dancey, electronic music with a noise edge, Marco Polio is there to get you moving. But it's the performance that really sells the audience. Steve, the lead singer is off stage more often than on. And while he's off, he's literally connecting with the audience. Dancing with them, putting his arms around them, and tying them all together...with yarn. By the middle of their set, we were all prepared to do their bidding. When umbrellas were passed out, they weren't discarded or destroyed, they were opened to let a rain of glitter fall, and waved in the air to the music. During the last song, a bass drum was set on the floor and drumsticks handed out. People played, tried out rhythms, passed sticks to new people. In other words, they joined in. Which is why it didn't feel hokey, when we were all asked to put our hands together in a "go team" type cheer and holler "Six Million as One!". I was right in the middle of it, and I gotta say, this curmudgeon didn't even mind being almost crushed to death, if it meant being a part of this event.

Polysics, who hail from Tokyo, were a bigger draw than I thought they would be. Their brand of punk-on-Red Bull/dance does something to people. It makes them jump. fast. Seriously, these guys are amazing musicians and performers. They come out in matching orange jumpsuits and black strips across their eyes and scream and play and entertain. They want, more than anything for you to join in, be it singing, jumping, or jazz hands. I can only imagine that playing a small show in the US is totally different from the stadium shows they play in Japan, but there must be something they like about it, because they keep coming back to Detroit. Look for their CD at the library soon!

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