Monday, January 25, 2010

Modern Music

Let me get this out of the way: I'm listening to Kraftwerk's Trans-Europe Express right now, and I can't believe how awesome it is. You, too can enjoy the awesomeness by checking it out from the library (CD-1749).


Have you heard that WDET has hired Jon Moshier back? He's got a new show called Modern Music that airs Friday nights from 9 -11 PM. He plays a good mix of new indie music and local music in a town and time that could really use this kind of thing. Also, and I do not take full credit for this view (thanks Leah, for making me see sense), this is a perfect time slot. All the people getting ready to go out can turn the radio on and listen to new music that you can't hear anywhere else on the dial. Join this Facebook group to be friends with the show. I'm assuming that the show will have it's own webpage soon. You can listen to archived shows here.

Don't forget that this weekend is the Detroit Rocks for Haiti benefit. This lineup is fantastic, and for a fantastic cause. It's also a great way to see some new bands.

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