Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Is this thing on?

Once again, fair audience, I have slacked. I went to see the Recital, Thunderbirds Are Now! and Zoos of Berlin last Friday, took pictures and have yet to upload them. One of these days there's going to be a massive picture entry, but today is not that day. The Majestic Cafe was packed with fans there to witness The Recital's final show. I picked up their "Succulent Leftovers EP" for the library which will be on the shelf, well, in a little while.

Mittenfest is happening in 23 days. The full schedule is here. This festival holds a special place in my heart as it where I really feel this whole music + library = awesome thing began about a year ago. I collected a ton of CDs at Mittenfest last year and first started telling people about my idea. I took a ton of pictures with my then new camera, and this thing entered a new phase. A lot of the same bands that played last year are playing this year along with new ones. If you've never been to the Elbow Room, this is the way to see it: crowded as hell, non-stop music blaring and all for charity.

This Friday there's a gigantic show at the Stick called Pure 11. It looks like it's sponsored by Pure Detroit and has 11 bands. They are: The Silent Years, Phat Kat Big Band, Black Lodge, Prussia, Charlie Slick,  Sisters Lucas, Ohtis, The Great Fiction, Catfish Mafia, The Juliets and Scarlet Oaks.

Please also check out The Hounds Below 7" release party at The Park Bar.

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