Tuesday, October 13, 2009

October 13, 2009: Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor

There’s no better way to debut a new band name than with a new album. Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor (formerly Sik Sik Nation) has done just that, with their new, self-titled LP. The album comes out today and is available here for download. If I were you, I’d also go to the release party this Saturday at the Majestic Café to get a limited edition LP or CD. The CDs have been hand-illustrated by the band and the sleeves are beautifully screen-printed. Plus, seeing them play is always worth it.

The music on this album feels refined, giving us a clearer image of what the band has been wanting to do. There is less of the musical “space” found on Eight Styles to the Unholy, and therefore Sisters is punchier, and more forward. The atmospheres that are created here feel charged, ready to explode.

Moodiness abounds, and it’s the variety that feels dangerous and cool, sneering and mysterious. Morrow’s growling vocals and driving guitar, Sawoscinski’s pounding crashing percussion and Oppitz’s thumping running basslines weave a dark cloud that you want to get lost in.

This is psychedelic rock that is perfectly balanced; it doesn’t fall into the trap of making twenty minute tracks filled with pulsing noise and the occasional shouted word. It chugs and wobbles, creates moods and shifts around you, but there’s a heartbeat at the center, keeping it grounded.

My favorite track is “All You Lovers”. It starts with this shifting reverb guitar, and then the beat comes in, making me bob my head, and it’s got me. Even before that distant shout sounds. It’s got the feel of your favorite 70s rock song, something you’re always excited to hear. The riff is catchy, the bass thumping and the vocals feel like a command.

Release party is Saturday, October 17th at the Majestic Café with Wicked Hemlocks and Friends of Dennis Wilson. Go to it!

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