Monday, September 14, 2009

Some Things that are Happening

Judging by the gigantic crowd taking up my neighborhood on Saturday, everyone in the universe went to Dally in the Alley. Good job. Now come back and clean up your mess.

In other news, SikSik Nation is now Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor. You know I love these guys. But until they put a link up to this blog, I'm going to call their band some ridiculous mish mash of their new and old names. Be sure to keep an eye out for SikSisters Vapor Nation's new LP, coming out on October 17th (Release show @ the Majestic Cafe).

Also, Johnny Headband did this:

SPACE NIGHT from JHeadband on Vimeo.

Be sure to download their Phase 3 EP here!

Oh what else is going on...oh yeah! DIY Fest Go and hear bands outside for the last time this year. Also, drink some lovely BNektar mead and other beverages and buy some cool handmade items. May I suggest something from Yesterday's Scraps?

Things to see this Week
Thursday 9/17/09 -  Macrame Tiger - Marco Polio & the New Vaccines @Lager House (Detroit)

Friday 9/18/09 - Terrible Twos - Carjack - Cotton Museum - Rogue Satellites @Magic Stick (Detroit)
Sunday 9/20/09 - Ferndale DIY Afterparty w/ Millions Of Brazilians & Lettercamp @Loving Touch (Ferndale)

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