Monday, September 28, 2009

September 28, 2009: Desktop

It's been a slow news weekend for me, so I'm going to introduce you to something fun, and totally worth your time (and hopefully money). Desktop is a side project of Zach Curd (The Pop Project and Suburban Sprawl Music) and Keith Thompson's (Electric 6 and Johnny Headband) which occurred almost completely in cyberspace. Parts of the tracks were sent back and forth between the two, revisions and tweaks added with each transmission. Their EP is pure dance music, and it's great, and you should get it. You can download it free now, but I would suggest that you pre-order it too, because you get the 12 inch one sided vinyl AND super low res versions of the songs on a floppy disc. There will only be 200. It comes out tomorrow. You want it.

Please also check out their cover of "My Boo" here (link is in the first paragraph)

Also, I'm now (mwah hahahahhahahahah) in charge of purchasing music at the library. You will notice a huge chunk of indie music coming in. Please come in and check it out!

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