Monday, September 21, 2009

9/21/09: DIY Aftermath

Edited to add High Speed Dubbing pictures at the end! Keep Scrolling!

Well that was a hell of a weekend! Forget calling Labor Day the last weekend of summer, I think DIY Fest should be the new candidate. Food, music, art, local beer, and everyone you know all in one place for three days in a row. It's almost too much to handle.

I kicked off my DIY weekend by showing up too early on Friday. Typical me. Soon enough I had drink tickets and camera in hand. I caught Wildcatting, Oscillating Fan Club, Serenity Court, Octopus, The Grand Nationals and The Hard Lessons on the Main Stage and Lightning Love at the Loving Touch. I gotta say, the setup was really great. Although I was blinded by the sun some of the day, it really made for some amazing photos. Look for them at the end of this entry.

Saturday was all about GLMS for me. They did not disappoint. Sadly, Greg, their lead guitarist was stranded by his car and couldn't play, but the guys are consummate professionals and picked a set list that could be done without his parts, and filled in what they could. I also caught Computer Perfection, Johnny Headband (complete with uninvited half naked girl), and a bit of Child Bite. Inside at the Loving Touch I was treated (along with the rest of the crowd) to High Speed Dubbing. Their set at the library in June could not have prepared me for the face-rocking I received!

Sunday I was lame and stayed home to recover.

Thanks to all the DIY people for making this an amazing festival. Really can't wait for next year.

PICTURES (click on each for a 1024x786 version)


Oscillating Fan Club

Serenity Court


The Grand Nationals

Lightning Love

Great Lakes Myth Society

High Speed Dubbing

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