Monday, September 28, 2009

September 28, 2009: Desktop

It's been a slow news weekend for me, so I'm going to introduce you to something fun, and totally worth your time (and hopefully money). Desktop is a side project of Zach Curd (The Pop Project and Suburban Sprawl Music) and Keith Thompson's (Electric 6 and Johnny Headband) which occurred almost completely in cyberspace. Parts of the tracks were sent back and forth between the two, revisions and tweaks added with each transmission. Their EP is pure dance music, and it's great, and you should get it. You can download it free now, but I would suggest that you pre-order it too, because you get the 12 inch one sided vinyl AND super low res versions of the songs on a floppy disc. There will only be 200. It comes out tomorrow. You want it.

Please also check out their cover of "My Boo" here (link is in the first paragraph)

Also, I'm now (mwah hahahahhahahahah) in charge of purchasing music at the library. You will notice a huge chunk of indie music coming in. Please come in and check it out!

Monday, September 21, 2009

9/21/09: DIY Aftermath

Edited to add High Speed Dubbing pictures at the end! Keep Scrolling!

Well that was a hell of a weekend! Forget calling Labor Day the last weekend of summer, I think DIY Fest should be the new candidate. Food, music, art, local beer, and everyone you know all in one place for three days in a row. It's almost too much to handle.

I kicked off my DIY weekend by showing up too early on Friday. Typical me. Soon enough I had drink tickets and camera in hand. I caught Wildcatting, Oscillating Fan Club, Serenity Court, Octopus, The Grand Nationals and The Hard Lessons on the Main Stage and Lightning Love at the Loving Touch. I gotta say, the setup was really great. Although I was blinded by the sun some of the day, it really made for some amazing photos. Look for them at the end of this entry.

Saturday was all about GLMS for me. They did not disappoint. Sadly, Greg, their lead guitarist was stranded by his car and couldn't play, but the guys are consummate professionals and picked a set list that could be done without his parts, and filled in what they could. I also caught Computer Perfection, Johnny Headband (complete with uninvited half naked girl), and a bit of Child Bite. Inside at the Loving Touch I was treated (along with the rest of the crowd) to High Speed Dubbing. Their set at the library in June could not have prepared me for the face-rocking I received!

Sunday I was lame and stayed home to recover.

Thanks to all the DIY people for making this an amazing festival. Really can't wait for next year.

PICTURES (click on each for a 1024x786 version)


Oscillating Fan Club

Serenity Court


The Grand Nationals

Lightning Love

Great Lakes Myth Society

High Speed Dubbing

Monday, September 14, 2009

Some Things that are Happening

Judging by the gigantic crowd taking up my neighborhood on Saturday, everyone in the universe went to Dally in the Alley. Good job. Now come back and clean up your mess.

In other news, SikSik Nation is now Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor. You know I love these guys. But until they put a link up to this blog, I'm going to call their band some ridiculous mish mash of their new and old names. Be sure to keep an eye out for SikSisters Vapor Nation's new LP, coming out on October 17th (Release show @ the Majestic Cafe).

Also, Johnny Headband did this:

SPACE NIGHT from JHeadband on Vimeo.

Be sure to download their Phase 3 EP here!

Oh what else is going on...oh yeah! DIY Fest Go and hear bands outside for the last time this year. Also, drink some lovely BNektar mead and other beverages and buy some cool handmade items. May I suggest something from Yesterday's Scraps?

Things to see this Week
Thursday 9/17/09 -  Macrame Tiger - Marco Polio & the New Vaccines @Lager House (Detroit)

Friday 9/18/09 - Terrible Twos - Carjack - Cotton Museum - Rogue Satellites @Magic Stick (Detroit)
Sunday 9/20/09 - Ferndale DIY Afterparty w/ Millions Of Brazilians & Lettercamp @Loving Touch (Ferndale)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Blame it on the Rains

Oops! Well, Wednesday's kinda like Monday, right?

This weekend is a Detroit institution. Dally in the Alley is a street festival in the Cass Corridor that has been going on for 32 years. The alleys of Forest and Hancock between Second and Third are filled with music, art and people and will be again this Saturday (or Sunday if it rains).

As a longtime resident of this area, I must say it is pretty cool to see tons of people in a place that can look quite empty. The event is not without its problems for residents but having a porch and a bathroom for Dally is always a benefit.

There are three stages this year: Line-up

There's quite a few bands I've never seen, so I think I'll come down off my porch and wander through to check a few out! You should too!