Monday, August 17, 2009

August 17, 2009: F'n Awesome Fest Days 2 & 3

What a weekend! The festival lived up to its name, with lots of great performances all crammed into a little bit of space and time. Friday, I saw Esquire, Lightning Love, The Mahonies and Thunderbirds Are Now! Esquire was good for a laugh and some booty shaking, and you know how I feel about Lightning Love. The Mahonies are a love it or hate it kind of act, and I'm on the love team. The anticipation for the TAN! set was palpable as everyone crowded up toward the stage. I'd never seen them before so I was kind of excited. I was not disappointed. The floor literally shook with a combination of audience stomps and sheer volume. I continued my tradition of going up on stage, and rocked out with a tiny toy tambourine that Scott Allen threw at me.

Friday Pictures

Saturday the day began earlier, as the Alley Deck was utilized for BBQ and yet more bands. I slid in at the tail-end of SikSik Nation's set. I finally got to see Millions of Brazilians, but maybe my previous bad manners were getting paid back to me because their set lasted three songs before they broke too much equipment to carry on. Later on that evening I was treated to Jesus Chainsaw Massacre's dramatic reading of a blogcentric article that 30 people in the world understood the significance of. They also jammed with SikSik Nation and Leaf Erikson and it was good! I also saw Noman and Silverghost, but my camera died so I didn't manage to get pictures.

I skipped out Sunday, figuring that God created the day of rest for a reason.

Saturday Pictures

What to see this week (besides the inside of your eyelids)

Friday 8/21/09 - Terrible Twos - The Guinea Worms - Kommie Kilpatrick @Lager House (Detroit)

Friday 8/21/09 - Night Shall Eat These Girls & Boys - Marco Polio & The New Vaccines @Vernors Room (Pontiac)

Saturday 8/22/09 - Timmy's Organism - Daily Void - Dimeras - Fashion - Druid Perfume - The Frustrations @Lager House (Detroit)

Saturday 8/22/09 - Blasé Splee - Running With Panthers - Macrame Tiger @Painted Lady (Hamtramck)

Saturday 8/22/09 - Brendan Benson - Annie Rossi @The Blind Pig (Ann Arbor)

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