Friday, August 14, 2009

August 14, 2009: F'n Awesome Fest - Day 1 Recap

So, I'm just now waking up even though I've been at work for three hours. The reason is that I had a total blast (I really need another phrase that means "a good time". Suggestions?) and stayed at Fucking Awesome Fest well past last call. There was this great friendly atmosphere at the Majestic Complex last night, a kind of easy, "this is the first night of a HUGE weekend" feeling in the air. I ran into way more people than I expected to, and therefore only really caught three bands.

First, I watched The Beggars play the cramped Garden Bowl Bar. Front man Steven James needed about twice the room he had to really do his stuff, which is fling the mike around, flail around on the ground and use his laser beam eyes to convince the audience to yell just about anything his heart desires. Their music is highly danceable and is as fun to sing along to as it is to witness. Oddly enough, I can't remember seeing the actual Beggars before last night, but I did see a fairly rare incarnation of the band, Impostors of the Deep Society at the Zombie Dance Party 2006.

After The Beggars, I tromped upstairs to see the Muldoons, a punk band made up of one teenager, one tween and the boys' dad. This is the kind of thing that makes you wish you kept up guitar lessons when you were a kid. These guys are good. The youngest (Shane) growls his lyrics like a seasoned professional, and he and Hunter both play guitar very well. Dad (Brian) bangs the drums.

I finished my night with Charlie Slick. Charlie's set is a glittery, bubbly dance party. His songs are catchy and funny, and there really is nothing quite like hollering "Let's have a sushi party!" along with everyone.

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