Monday, August 10, 2009

August 10, 2009: Where It's At

This weekend brings yet another gigantic local music festival. This one utilizes the whole Majestic Complex and features 80+ bands. If you go here you can see the schedule and visit the myspaces of each of the bands. As with all of these fests, there are more bands than anyone could actually manage to see. Here's a list of the ones I'm going to be madly dashing around to see.


Allan James and the Cold Wave
The Juliets
The Beggars
Charlie Slick
The Muldoons
Art Brut


The Displays
The Mahonies
Croff Family Band
Lightning Love
The Decks
Thunderbirds Are Now!


F'ke Blood
Jehova's Witness Protection Program
Elle and the Fonts
Sik Sik Nation
Millions of Brazilians
Mick Bassett and the Marthas
Lasers and Fast and Shit
Jesus Chainsaw Massacre
Copper Thieves


Sh! The Octopus
Kommie Kilpatrick
Marco Polio and the New Vaccines
The Word Play
Big Mess
Lee Marvin Computer Arm
City Center

In case you need even more to do this week...

What to See This Week

Monday 8/10/09 - Stevie Tee - Marco Polio - Didimao @Painted Lady (Hamtramck)

Monday 8/10/09 - Black Hollies - Idee Fixe - The Displays @Lager House (Detroit)

Tuesday 8/11/09 - The Decemberists @Royal Oak Music Theatre (Royal Oak)

Tuesday 8/11/09 - Nobunny - Thee Makeout Party - Bad Sports - Pizazz @Painted Lady (Hamtramck)

Thursday 8/13/09 - Fucking Awesome Fest Launch Party @Majestic Complex (Detroit)

Friday 8/14/09 - Fucking Awesome Fest @Majestic Complex (Detroit)

Saturday 8/14/09 - Fucking Awesome Fest @Majestic Complex (Detroit)

Saturday 8/15/09 - Scarlet Oaks - Four Hour Friends - Mysty Lyn and the Big Beautiful @Northern Lights Lounge (Detroit)

Saturday 8/15/09 - Drunken Barn Dance - Fred Thomas - Suarez - Troy Graham @The Elbow Room (Ypsilanti)

Sunday 8/16/09 - Fucking Awesome Fest @Majestic Complex (Detroit)

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