Monday, July 6, 2009

July 6, 2009: What a Weekend!

I don't know about yours, but my weekend started on Tuesday, with the Black Moth Super Rainbow/Deastro/Sik Sik Nation show. I know some of the guys in Sik Sik Nation and I know they were really surprised and delighted at the turnout. There were kids all over the place a good hour before anyone even played. And while they were there to see Black Moth Super Rainbow, they got up front early and stuck around. I know both Sik Sik Nation and Deastro won some new fans Tuesday, even if I'm only judging by an empty CD trunk and a large wad of cash.

Wednesday was my calm before the storm. The storm being Thursday night MOFO Karaoke at the Elbow Room. They've got the best selection of songs you'd actually like to sing and you get to do it on the Elbow Room stage. Which kind of made me feel like a rock star. That and singing Pearl Jam's "Alive". Also, it's a damn good place to embarrass yourself in front of actual musicians. That and watch them do the same.

On Friday, I hopped the 53 toward Grand Blvd (for free because their cash box was broken)and Cityfest. The Pure Detroit Stage was the place to be Friday afternoon/night. Marco Polio and the New Vaccines, The Rogue Satellites, Childbite, Deastro and Silverghost played back to back to...well you get the idea.

Marco Polio really knows how to engage an audience, no matter what the make up of that audience. Toward the end of their set, they handed out hand painted umbrellas. There were no instructions, just a "You're now in the band! Welcome to Marco Polio and the New Vaccines!"

Keeping with the two-man band theme, The Rogue Satellites were up next. Solid rock with a bit of electronic help, these guys definitely had me tapping my toes and shakin' it.

This was the first time I've seen Childbite since their sojourn to Alaska and the beard competition. Some of them have gone clean cut, while some have augmented their facial hair. No matter what they look like, they sounded great. They played a few new ones, so hopefully that means there's a new record on the horizon.

I saw Deastro three times in six days. This was the second time and my favorite of the weekend I think. Randy and the gang were high energy and friendly, though they seemed frustrated by how far away the audience was because of the barriers. Randy manically tugged on the fencing to bring people closer, but this was not enough. During the last song, he hopped up on the stage extension thingie and began pulling people up onto it. Myself included. Before too long there had to be 25 of us dancing on this thing. The part of me that worries about self-preservation nagged at the part of me intent upon thrusting my hand in the air, but did not win. We all survived.

Silverghost capped off the night. I really like this band. They make me move. They made a lot of people move, enough so that folding chairs began being piled up simply to make room.

Saturday, I enjoyed the company of my family and lots of grilled meats.

Sunday, I dragged myself the half a mile to the Garden Bowl for JRC's Birthday Party. Deastro whipped out Happy Birthday for Jay and some never before played stuff, so it was worth being completely exhausted. I ran off after that because I'm afraid of getting mugged.

Stay tuned for this week's "What to see". It's sitting on my computer at home!

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