Monday, June 15, 2009

June 15, 2009: Is This It?

Also please note the added Black Jake and the Carnies shows on the schedule!

Fair warning: This is going to be short. I left my camera at home, and therefore cannot upload the pictures I took on Saturday. So I'll plug the MI Music and Merch Swap instead!

Look, I think this is a brilliant idea. Getting all of these labels in one place seems like the perfect opportunity for fans to get a look at the best offerings all at once. And for the labels, it's a chance for everyone to talk. For me, the obvious "one of these things is not like the other" person, it's a chance for me to tell people about the local music collection and make some contacts. Not to mention scoring CDs for the library!

So, this Saturday, get your butt down to the Loving Touch, buy some records, schmooze and stop by my table for a button!

What You Should See This Week

Monday 6/15/09 – Metric @St Andrews (Detroit)

Tuesday 6/16/09 - Black Jake and the Carnies (Top of the Park Summer Festival) Ann Arbor

Tuesday 6/16/09 – Jaguar Love – Silverghost – Wildcatting @Magic Stick (Detroit)

Tuesday 6/16/09 – The Rosewood Thieves – Blase Splee – Wild Years @Lager House (Detroit)

Thursday 6/18/09 – Prints – Big Mess – Computer Perfection @Belmont (Hamtramck)

Thursday 6/18/09 – Kelly Jean Caldwell – Body Holographic – Secret Twins @Lager House (Detroit)

Friday 6/19/09 – The Backoff – Spitting Nickels – Vox Maui @Cadieux Cafe (Detroit)

Saturday 6/20/09 – Prime Ministers (CD Release) – Speedy Greasy – Darling Imperial @Pike Room (Pontiac)

Saturday 6/20/09 – Detroit Cobras – Dex Romweber @Magic Stick (Detroit)

Saturday 6/20/09 - Black Jake and the Carnies @Trinity House Theatre (Livonia)


  1. SO many good shows this week PLUS the Merch Swap! Hooray! Also, the new Prime Miniters album is GREAT. There's no doubt it'll make my year end list...

  2. Dont forget Black Jake & the Carnies tuesday at Top of the Park in Ann Arbor and Saturday at the Trinity House Theater.