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June 1, 2009: Fields of Industry

Before I get down to my review, I just want to annoy remind you once again about the library's open house celebration on Thursday, June 4th. It will be at our temporary location (642 E. Nine Mile Road) and it starts at 7 PM. The Motor City Midwives and High Speed Dubbing will be playing in our meeting room. I'd really like to see live music here (and in our renovated building in the future) on a regular basis, so if you would like to see that too, please support our first attempt!

Fields of Industry - Two Dogs, A Television

This has been my favorite thing to listen to on the bus for awhile now. I can either focus on the delicate melodies and thoughtful lyrics or I can let the whole thing just wash over me and shield me from the hub-bub and racket that is riding a bus in Metro Detroit. Either way, Two Dogs, A Television makes me a calmer creature.

Fields of Industry is the creation of Joshua Barton, who began the project in his basement in 1999. His soft but strong voice is a perfect fit for his contemplative lyrics. Surround that voice with guitars that are practically
bells and perfectly placed tambourines and you've got some of the best ambient music I've ever heard.

My favorite track is "Fiction Writer". Barton only needs to chant "I'm the fiction writer" a few times before you begin to conjure up an image of some sort of super hero. The kind who can conjure up lies that everyone, including himself believe wholeheartedly. Here the ringing guitars and minimalist percussion spiral into a crescendo that falls quicker than it rose. It's a beautiful effect.

Another favorite of mine is "I'm Not Afraid of a Fight". Decidedly rockier than "Fiction Writer" this song literally jangles. I'm not sure I've ever heard a more effective use of a tambourine throughout a song. The guitar loses some of it's sheen, and that's a good thing for this song. They whine and reverb enough to rock things up.

Whether you're listening to every delicate detail, or you need a soothing balm, Two Dogs, A Television is a perfect choice.

Two Dogs, A Television is CD-1411 in the library's CD collection.

Visit Fields of Industry at their website:
Their Myspace:

Have a listen of their album @

And take a look at the music video for "Point of Contention"

What to see this week

Monday 6/1/09 -- Elle and the Fonts -- Wally J @Small's (Hamtramck)

Monday 6/1/09 --The Valley Ghosts -- The Decks -- The Vezinas @Lager House (Detroit)

Tuesday 6/2/09 -- Gogol Bordello -- Man Man @Royal Oak Music Theatre

Thursday 6/4/09 -- High Speed Dubbing -- Motor City Midwives @Ferndale Public Library

Thursday 6/4/09 -- The Sisters Lucas -- Heroes & Villains -- Rabid Eye -- The Arch Mystics @Lager House (Detroit)

Friday 6/5/09 -- Troy Gregory -- Spitting Nickels -- Citizen Smile -- F-Bombs @Small's (Hamtramck)

Friday 6/5/09 -- Deastro -- Silent Years -- Manna & Quail -- The Summer Pledge -- Bars of Gold @Crofoot (Pontiac)

Friday 6/5/09 --Elvis Hitler -- The Johnny Ill Band @Lager House (Detroit)

Saturday 6/6/09 --Champions of Breakfast -- Wally Dogger @Elbow Room (Ypsilanti)

Saturday 6/6/09 -- Joe Lally -- Glorytellers -- Allan James & The Coldwave @Pike Room (Pontiac)

Saturday 6/6/09 -- Millions of Brazilians -- New Grenada -- Love Meets Lust -- Noman @Belmont (Hamtramck)

Saturday 6/6/09 -- Blase Splee (CD Release) -- Sh! The Octopus -- Macrame Tiger @Smalls (Hamtramck)

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