Monday, May 4, 2009

May 4, 2009: The Hard Lessons

The Hard Lessons are releasing their second full-length album this month, so I thought it was high time to talk about them on this here blog.

The thing about The Hard Lessons is that you simply MUST see them live to appreciate them. Don't even worry about listening to any of their CDs first. In fact, the first time I saw them, I was singing along before the end of plenty of the songs. It's kind of difficult to capture the energy of their live set on a disc of any sort. There's an immediacy, a rawness and a sense that anything could happen. I've seen Augie climb into the ceiling with the help of an enthusiastic crowd, and I've also received a cookie his grandmother had baked directly from his hand.

Augie's not the only one with energy to spill out into the crowd. Korin, who is often called KoKo Louise bangs on the keys and sings with a voice like no other. I dare you to listen to her belt out "Come Back to Me" and not holler right back at her, wishing that you had that kind of power.

The Hard Lesson
s were formed in a Michigan State University dorm room by Augie Visocchi and Korin Louise Visocchi née Cox and quickly blew up into a well-known band, undoubtedly because of their love of playing out. They've released a number of EPs and another LP (Gasoline).

Arms Forest, its title an obvious reference to the now burned out historical apartment building the Forest Arms, promises to bring the energy of the immediate that makes the band so well loved. They apparently left out the demo process and many of the takes on the album are first ones. I for one am anxious to hear how they've evolved.

They've wisely spaced out their CD release shows, advance tickets to which can only be purchased here. It's a steal at $15 because you'll also get an advance copy of the CD.

At the library, you can check out Gasoline (CD-1263) and Wise Up! (CD-1330). I've placed an order for Arms Forest so you'll soon be able to check that out too! As for live shows, well, you've read what I said up there, check THL out. You'll never forget it.

Hard Lessons Local Gigs

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Thursday 5/21/09 @The Belmont (Hamtramck) -- Arms Forest Release Party!

Friday 5/22/09 @Small's (Hamtramck) -- Arms Forest Release Party!

Saturday 5/23/09 @Lager House (Detroit) Early All-Ages BBQ / Arms Forest Release Party!

What to see this Week

Monday 5/4/09 -- Joe Buck -- Capt. Sean (of Throwrag) -- Black Jake & the Carnies -- Dune Buggy Attack Battalion @Lager House (Detroit)

Wednesday 5/6/09 -- Frontier Ruckus -- Paleface (from NYC) @Elbow Room (Ypsilanti)

Thursday 5/7/09 -- Vivian Girls -- Crystal Antlers -- Lee Marvin Computer Arm -- Gardens @Pike Room (Pontiac)

Friday 5/8/09 -- The Kills -- The Horrors -- Magic Wands @Magic Stick (Detroit)

Friday 5/8/09 -- Satin Peaches -- Mick Bassett & The Marthas -- Gigantic Hand -- JSB Squad @Pike Room (Pontiac)

Saturday 5/9/09 -- The Menthols -- Fontana -- Johnny Ill Band -- The Haberdashers @Painted Lady (Hamtramck)

Saturday 5/9/09 -- Pop Project -- Those Transatlantics -- Sh! The Octopus @Northern Lights (Detroit)

Saturday 5/9/09 - Speedy Greasy w/Scarlet Oaks @Berkley Front (Berkley)

Saturday 5/9/09 - Electric Six -- Living Things -- Millions of Brazilians @Blind Pig (Ann Arbor)

Saturday 5/9/09 - Black Jake & The Carnies -- Flatfoot -- The B-Sharps -- Bone Orchard Revival @Elbow Room (Ypsilanti)

Saturday 5/9/09 - Dan Deacon -- Future Islands -- Teeth Mountain -- Child Bite -- Marco Polio -- Genders @CAID (Detroit)

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