Monday, May 18, 2009

May 18, 2009: I am Hip. I am With It

Lot's of exciting things to talk about today! This weekend, I caught the Rabid Eye/ Muldoons/Mahonies show at the Lager House. Rabid Eye was really cool, with their lyric-less experimental jams. The Muldoons are always impressive because two of their members are WELL under the age of 18. And the Mahonies were good fun. Anyone remember the cover they ended with?

I also finally got into one of those Dorkwave things, this time at the Corktown Tavern. Man, it was really crowded and hot in there. Still, it's the best kind of dance party, the kind that's free of the meat-market atmosphere most clubs have.

Yesterday, I caught the tail end of the Juliets at the Alley Deck. The Alley Deck is a beautiful thing. It's a refuge from the hotness, smokiness and loudness that tends to be happening in the Magic Stick. Simply climb the stairs, go out the door and enjoy the fresh air and chilled out atmosphere. I like the idea of afternoon shows out there on the deck, sitting in the sun or shade.

In other news, the library will be participating in the MI Music & Merch Swap on June 20th. Stop by the Loving Touch that afternoon and kill like 10 birds with one stone. A bunch of local labels will be there as will I, with information about the library's local collection. I'm sure I'll also be loading up on CDs for that very collection (and perhaps a few for mine). It's free and its in one of the most beautiful rooms you'll see around.

Here's another thing to put on your calendar: The Library's Open House Celebration, June 4th. There will be information aplenty, free refreshments and MUSIC! That's right, rock music in your library. You just have to come and check out High-Speed Dubbing (Justin Walker from The Electric Firebabies solo project) and The Motor City Midwives (Molly-Jean of The Decks) in our meeting room. I am hoping this will be the first of many gigs the library will have, so come out and show your support of this new venture!

And last but not least, I've begun to branch out a bit. In the next few weeks, I'll be adding ten CDs to the library's local music collection by local hip-hop artists. There's quite a range of styles, from smooth and funky to angry and edgy. Here's just a few:

The Art of S.U.N. by SUN
Smooth and focusing on social issues. I really liked this CD. Check out "Black Economics"

Act 1: Inhale the Violence by Smokehouse Junkiez
I'm pretty sure every song on this disc is about smoking weed. Despite that, I found the songs creative and in a lot of cases, laugh out loud funny.

Strickly Fo Da Streetz by Tone Tone
Tone Tone is fairly well-known in the area, and has enjoyed lots of plays on urban stations. I found the album accessible even though I'm a total hip-hop newbie. The single, "I Ain't Playin Witcha" is remixed, and it thoroughly head-boppable.

Get Stacks by Vinnie Stacks
Heavier than the other CDs I've listened to so far. Vinnie's got a kind of vicious delivery and a great sense of rhythm. Gives a good feel of life on the Detroit streets.

What to See this Week

There are literally 8,000 things for you to do this weekend. Good luck with that. May I recommend that you at least come to the ETC Unplugged III show on Friday? As one of the guys putting it on told me, "Tim and Jamie Monger. That's all you need to know". Indeed.

Thursday 5/21/09 -- Abiku -- Marco Polio and the New Vaccines -- Buoyant Sea -- Gas Explodes @Trowbridge House of Coffee (Hamtramck)

Thursday 5/21/09 -- The Hard Lessons -- Serenity Court -- Divine Comedians @Belmont (Hamtramck)

Friday 5/22/09 -- (Detroit Unplugged III) -- Nick & Derek of Millions Of Brazilians -- Tim & Jamie of Great Lakes Myth Society -- Corey of Sugarcoats / Lee Marvin Computer Arm -- Deleano & Marcie of Silverghost -- Brad & Scott of Arranged Marriage @The Lager House (Detroit)

Friday 5/22/09 -- Mick Bassett -- Old Empire @Smalls (Hamtramck)

Friday 5/22/09 -- The Hard Lessons -- Mick Bassett -- Old Empire @Small's (Hamtramck)

Saturday 5/23/09 -- The Hard Lessons -- Millions of Brazilians -- Oscillating Fan Club @Lager House) @4pm

Saturday 5/23/09 -- Telefon Tel Aviv -- Tycho -- Michna with Raw Paw -- Deastro @Magic Stick (Detroit)

Saturday 5/23/09 -- Movement @Hart Plaza (Detroit)

Saturday 5/23/09 -- Jesus Chainsaw Massacre vs JSB Squad -- Marco Polio -- Woodman @Smalls (Hamtramck)

Sunday 5/24/09 -- Movement @Hart Plaza (Detroit)

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