Tuesday, May 26, 2009

May 26, 2009: Take it Easy

Just the first in a LONG line of reminders. Thursday, June 4th is the library's Open House Celebration. There will be free food, lots of information about the library's services and music by High Speed Dubbing and The Motor City Midwives. If you're not a member of our Facebook group, find us by searching for "Ferndale Public Library. You'll also find our event...so if you're coming, let us know!

What You Should See This Week

Tuesday 5/26/09 -- Tentacle Lizardo -- Hopewell -- Black Elf Speaks -- Oblisk @Lager House (Detroit)

Wednesday 5/27/09 -- Yeah Yeah Yeahs @Clutch Cargos (Pontiac)

Thursday 5/28/09 -- Carjack -- Dutch Pink @WAB (Ferndale)

Friday 5/29/09 -- Last Tourist (final show) -- Fydrich -- Darling Imperial @Small's (Hamtramck)

Friday 5/29/09 --Maybe Texas -- Jesus Chainsaw Massacre @Berkley Front (Berkley)

Friday 5/29/09 -- B Side Benefit Show -- Celsius Electronics -- Chris Bathgate and the Hail Marys -- Gunday Monday @Blind Pig (Ann Arbor)

Monday, May 25, 2009

May 25, 2009: I've Been Looking So Long At These Pictures of You...

I nearly forgot to update today! In fact, all I really have for you today is a link to my flickr site for some pictures of Friday's ETC Unplugged Detroit III. Oh and a few words about it. Look for the weekly "What to see this week" tomorrow.

Arranged Marriage/Big Mess was unbelievably good. I really would love to see them again like this. Just beautiful music.

Marcie and Deleano from Silverghost also blew my socks off. That dobro guitar was making me think like a thief. See the previous post for video. Also, they covered Fleetwood Mac's "Go Your Own Way" and Duran Duran's "Hungry Like the Wolf".

To be quite honest, lots of talking happened during Corey from Lee Marvin Computer Arm's set and I quickly ended up in the other room. Sorry!

Tim and Jamie played a mix of covers, GLMS, Tim's solo stuff, and new things. Again, see previous post for suprisingly good video shot with an inexpensive digital camera.

I think I'm cursed. I have been in the same place as Millions of Brazilians and have never seen them play. Weird. I seriously have nothing against them, I swear.

Something about the crowd, music and time of the year made this one of my favorite shows of the year so far. People were really open and talkative. We'll see how it is when we're all sweating all over each other in July.

See you tomorrow!


Saturday, May 23, 2009

May 23, 2009: Please enjoy some video

Last night's Unplugged was awesome. Everyone sounded great. I'll post some pictures and a recap when I have a little more time. Until then, here's some video I took.

Marcie and Deleano from Silverghost - Bad Blood

Jamie and Tim Monger from Great Lakes Myth Society


Thursday, May 21, 2009

May 21, 2009: That's All You Need to Know.

I mentioned this Monday, but wanted to re-invite you to go to the Eat This City Unplugged Detroit III errr thing. Come and see some of your favorite acts out of their element and out of electricity. For me it's all going to be about seeing Tim and Jamie Monger play together. Jamie rarely plays solo shows and the stuff that Tim does is decidedly different from GLMS tunes, so I literally have no expectations. Well, I expect to love it.

The performances at these things are always unique, partly because I think the artists involved take it as a bit of a challenge to do something different.

Also, it's free!


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

May 20, 2009: Here's something you should see

Tonight and tomorrow you can go see the film It Came From Detroit in our very own Magic Bag Theatre. The film is a documentary that takes a look at Detroit's garage rock scene before, during and after The White Stripes brought national recognition to the genre. The film hasn't been shown in quite awhile, so catch it while you can!

Monday, May 18, 2009

May 18, 2009: I am Hip. I am With It

Lot's of exciting things to talk about today! This weekend, I caught the Rabid Eye/ Muldoons/Mahonies show at the Lager House. Rabid Eye was really cool, with their lyric-less experimental jams. The Muldoons are always impressive because two of their members are WELL under the age of 18. And the Mahonies were good fun. Anyone remember the cover they ended with?

I also finally got into one of those Dorkwave things, this time at the Corktown Tavern. Man, it was really crowded and hot in there. Still, it's the best kind of dance party, the kind that's free of the meat-market atmosphere most clubs have.

Yesterday, I caught the tail end of the Juliets at the Alley Deck. The Alley Deck is a beautiful thing. It's a refuge from the hotness, smokiness and loudness that tends to be happening in the Magic Stick. Simply climb the stairs, go out the door and enjoy the fresh air and chilled out atmosphere. I like the idea of afternoon shows out there on the deck, sitting in the sun or shade.

In other news, the library will be participating in the MI Music & Merch Swap on June 20th. Stop by the Loving Touch that afternoon and kill like 10 birds with one stone. A bunch of local labels will be there as will I, with information about the library's local collection. I'm sure I'll also be loading up on CDs for that very collection (and perhaps a few for mine). It's free and its in one of the most beautiful rooms you'll see around.

Here's another thing to put on your calendar: The Library's Open House Celebration, June 4th. There will be information aplenty, free refreshments and MUSIC! That's right, rock music in your library. You just have to come and check out High-Speed Dubbing (Justin Walker from The Electric Firebabies solo project) and The Motor City Midwives (Molly-Jean of The Decks) in our meeting room. I am hoping this will be the first of many gigs the library will have, so come out and show your support of this new venture!

And last but not least, I've begun to branch out a bit. In the next few weeks, I'll be adding ten CDs to the library's local music collection by local hip-hop artists. There's quite a range of styles, from smooth and funky to angry and edgy. Here's just a few:

The Art of S.U.N. by SUN
Smooth and focusing on social issues. I really liked this CD. Check out "Black Economics"

Act 1: Inhale the Violence by Smokehouse Junkiez
I'm pretty sure every song on this disc is about smoking weed. Despite that, I found the songs creative and in a lot of cases, laugh out loud funny.

Strickly Fo Da Streetz by Tone Tone
Tone Tone is fairly well-known in the area, and has enjoyed lots of plays on urban stations. I found the album accessible even though I'm a total hip-hop newbie. The single, "I Ain't Playin Witcha" is remixed, and it thoroughly head-boppable.

Get Stacks by Vinnie Stacks
Heavier than the other CDs I've listened to so far. Vinnie's got a kind of vicious delivery and a great sense of rhythm. Gives a good feel of life on the Detroit streets.

What to See this Week

There are literally 8,000 things for you to do this weekend. Good luck with that. May I recommend that you at least come to the ETC Unplugged III show on Friday? As one of the guys putting it on told me, "Tim and Jamie Monger. That's all you need to know". Indeed.

Thursday 5/21/09 -- Abiku -- Marco Polio and the New Vaccines -- Buoyant Sea -- Gas Explodes @Trowbridge House of Coffee (Hamtramck)

Thursday 5/21/09 -- The Hard Lessons -- Serenity Court -- Divine Comedians @Belmont (Hamtramck)

Friday 5/22/09 -- (Detroit Unplugged III) -- Nick & Derek of Millions Of Brazilians -- Tim & Jamie of Great Lakes Myth Society -- Corey of Sugarcoats / Lee Marvin Computer Arm -- Deleano & Marcie of Silverghost -- Brad & Scott of Arranged Marriage @The Lager House (Detroit)

Friday 5/22/09 -- Mick Bassett -- Old Empire @Smalls (Hamtramck)

Friday 5/22/09 -- The Hard Lessons -- Mick Bassett -- Old Empire @Small's (Hamtramck)

Saturday 5/23/09 -- The Hard Lessons -- Millions of Brazilians -- Oscillating Fan Club @Lager House) @4pm

Saturday 5/23/09 -- Telefon Tel Aviv -- Tycho -- Michna with Raw Paw -- Deastro @Magic Stick (Detroit)

Saturday 5/23/09 -- Movement @Hart Plaza (Detroit)

Saturday 5/23/09 -- Jesus Chainsaw Massacre vs JSB Squad -- Marco Polio -- Woodman @Smalls (Hamtramck)

Sunday 5/24/09 -- Movement @Hart Plaza (Detroit)

Monday, May 11, 2009

May 11, 2009: Support your Local Labels

Hi Friends,

I think you should know about two record labels based right here in Ferndale.

X! Records - 1445 Browning - http://www.x-recs.com
Home of: The Terrible Twos, Fontana, Tyvek, Heroes & Villains, The Frustrations, and more!
What you'll hear: Punk, Psychedelic and Experimental
Check out X! for CDs and vinyl of some of Detroit's up-and-coming punk bands. Come to the library and take a few of their later releases out!

Leroy St. Records - 625 Leroy St. - http://www.leroystrecords.com/
Home of: Drunken Barn Dance, Fred Thomas, Pretty & Nice and Bruce Lee Band
What you'll hear: Folk, Experimental, Electronic
You'll find lovingly produced vinyl at Leroy St. in small batches. These are the kinds of things collectors love.

What to see this week

Wednesday 5/ 13/09 -- Adam's Castle -- Javelins -- Lightning Love @The Lager House (Detroit)

Friday 5/15/09 -- Friends of Dennis Wilson -- Oblisk -- Rue Moor Counts -- Electric Lions @Smalls (Hamtramck)

Friday 5/15/09 -- VAST @Magic Bag (Ferndale)

Friday 5/15/09 -- Tally Hall -- Malbec -- Lightning Love @Blind Pig (Ann Arbor)

Saturday 5/16/09 -- Mahonies -- Muldoons -- Rabid Eye @Lager House (Detroit)

Sunday 5/17/09 -- The Mantons @Club Bart (Ferndale)

Sunday 5/17/09 -- Office -- The Juliets @Narnia Deck @ Magic Stick (Detroit)

Monday, May 4, 2009

May 4, 2009: The Hard Lessons

The Hard Lessons are releasing their second full-length album this month, so I thought it was high time to talk about them on this here blog.

The thing about The Hard Lessons is that you simply MUST see them live to appreciate them. Don't even worry about listening to any of their CDs first. In fact, the first time I saw them, I was singing along before the end of plenty of the songs. It's kind of difficult to capture the energy of their live set on a disc of any sort. There's an immediacy, a rawness and a sense that anything could happen. I've seen Augie climb into the ceiling with the help of an enthusiastic crowd, and I've also received a cookie his grandmother had baked directly from his hand.

Augie's not the only one with energy to spill out into the crowd. Korin, who is often called KoKo Louise bangs on the keys and sings with a voice like no other. I dare you to listen to her belt out "Come Back to Me" and not holler right back at her, wishing that you had that kind of power.

The Hard Lesson
s were formed in a Michigan State University dorm room by Augie Visocchi and Korin Louise Visocchi née Cox and quickly blew up into a well-known band, undoubtedly because of their love of playing out. They've released a number of EPs and another LP (Gasoline).

Arms Forest, its title an obvious reference to the now burned out historical apartment building the Forest Arms, promises to bring the energy of the immediate that makes the band so well loved. They apparently left out the demo process and many of the takes on the album are first ones. I for one am anxious to hear how they've evolved.

They've wisely spaced out their CD release shows, advance tickets to which can only be purchased here. It's a steal at $15 because you'll also get an advance copy of the CD.

At the library, you can check out Gasoline (CD-1263) and Wise Up! (CD-1330). I've placed an order for Arms Forest so you'll soon be able to check that out too! As for live shows, well, you've read what I said up there, check THL out. You'll never forget it.

Hard Lessons Local Gigs

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Thursday 5/21/09 @The Belmont (Hamtramck) -- Arms Forest Release Party!

Friday 5/22/09 @Small's (Hamtramck) -- Arms Forest Release Party!

Saturday 5/23/09 @Lager House (Detroit) Early All-Ages BBQ / Arms Forest Release Party!

What to see this Week

Monday 5/4/09 -- Joe Buck -- Capt. Sean (of Throwrag) -- Black Jake & the Carnies -- Dune Buggy Attack Battalion @Lager House (Detroit)

Wednesday 5/6/09 -- Frontier Ruckus -- Paleface (from NYC) @Elbow Room (Ypsilanti)

Thursday 5/7/09 -- Vivian Girls -- Crystal Antlers -- Lee Marvin Computer Arm -- Gardens @Pike Room (Pontiac)

Friday 5/8/09 -- The Kills -- The Horrors -- Magic Wands @Magic Stick (Detroit)

Friday 5/8/09 -- Satin Peaches -- Mick Bassett & The Marthas -- Gigantic Hand -- JSB Squad @Pike Room (Pontiac)

Saturday 5/9/09 -- The Menthols -- Fontana -- Johnny Ill Band -- The Haberdashers @Painted Lady (Hamtramck)

Saturday 5/9/09 -- Pop Project -- Those Transatlantics -- Sh! The Octopus @Northern Lights (Detroit)

Saturday 5/9/09 - Speedy Greasy w/Scarlet Oaks @Berkley Front (Berkley)

Saturday 5/9/09 - Electric Six -- Living Things -- Millions of Brazilians @Blind Pig (Ann Arbor)

Saturday 5/9/09 - Black Jake & The Carnies -- Flatfoot -- The B-Sharps -- Bone Orchard Revival @Elbow Room (Ypsilanti)

Saturday 5/9/09 - Dan Deacon -- Future Islands -- Teeth Mountain -- Child Bite -- Marco Polio -- Genders @CAID (Detroit)

Friday, May 1, 2009

May 1, 2009: The Talk of Woodward

Happy Friday everyone!

I come bearing a link to the first print article about the FPL's local music collection! Here's a pdf.

I really want to thank Jeremy Selweski from the Woodward Talk for doing a fabulous job on this. Also thanks to Scott Dunkerley (X! Records and The Frustrations) and Justin Walker (Electric Firebabies and High Speed Dubbing) for talking to Jeremy about the library. It's good to have artists interested in this. I have had a few people come in and say they read the article, which is exactly what it was meant to do!

Since I'm here, I might as well tell you to come out to the Lager House tonight for a free show! It also happens to be my best friend's birthday, so come out and see some awesome music and tell my friend happy birthday!

See you Monday!