Wednesday, April 1, 2009

You Should Go to This

This Saturday, you have plans. That’s all there is to it.

Here’s why: Two bloggers have started a record label and you’re going to their release party. For FREE. Jay Carroll and Jasper, who run the popular blog Eat This City cooked up Five Three Dial Tone Records back in February by putting together their tax stimulus checks. Their first release is a 7” of “Spritle” by Deastro. This is really exciting for several reasons. One, “Spritle” is exclusive to Five Three Dial Tone’s release, a deal that is pretty amazing when you consider that Deastro’s upcoming Moondagger (June 23) on Ghostly Records is one of the most highly anticipated releases of the year. The B side is “Tree Frog” which is also the last track on Moondagger. Also, the first 25 records will have hand-drawn covers by Randolph Chabot, the brain/spirit behind Deastro, and until recently, the sole member. They will also be on white vinyl and contain a few extra goodies. All of the records will have a CD inside, as well.

Not only will you get a beautiful piece of vinyl, but the performances are sure to be superb. Deastro puts on a frenetic, fun show, filled with lots of synth and good will. Deastro is: Randolph Chabot on vocals, laptop stuff, etc.; Jeff Supina on drums; Mark Smak on guitar and Brian Connelly on bass and keys.

The Terrible Twos are a raucous punk band sure to have everyone slamming into each other before too long. The Terrible Twos are: Danny Bing, Chris Campbell, Jonathan Arthur, Jeffrey Jordan and Craig Brown.

I’m not super familiar with F*ke Blood but I like the 80s new-wave-inspired stuff I hear on their Myspace. Also, Marcie Bolen (of the Von Bondies and Silverghost) is in this band. They are: Steven F. Darson (vox,guitar), Marcie Bolen (bass, vox), Dion D. Fischer (guitar) and Deleano Acevedo (drums, percussions).

I think we all know how I feel about Lightning Love. You’ll want to see them. Trust me.

So, I can count on you being there, right? Good. See you at the merch table.


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