Monday, April 20, 2009

April 20, 2009: We're Open! Check out these CDs!

After six weeks of organizing, packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking the Ferndale Public Library is open again! Please stop in 642 E. Nine Mile Road and see our great temporary quarters.

Also, I got a whopping ONE response as to what else the library should get for its local music collection, so do be a dear and stop by here and let me know. Ok, here's a secret that I'm willing to tell you if it'll make you help me out: I'm working on a grant. If the library gets that grant, I'd like to know what to spend the money on. So there, tell me what I should buy for this collection.

Today I'm going to highlight some of our new local music acquisitions. These CDs will be in our collection within the next couple of days, so consider this a sneak peek!

Scissors & Suckers by Mick Bassett and the Marthas
This is the latest from Mick Bassett and the Marthas, an EP that came in the coolest handmade packaging. Yeah, Bassett sounds a lot like Bob Dylan. But that's only the beginning. This is unique and interesting music. Enjoy the quirky, slightly dark sounds of jangly piano and trombone.

My Northern Voices by Michael Beauchamp

I snagged this at Keweenawesomefest last weekend after enjoying his beautiful set. Beauchamp was once in a band with Chris Bathgate and their influences on each other are clear. If you like singer/songwriter stuff with a touch of country, check this disc out.

Self-Titled by Elle and the Fonts

If you like a powerful female vocal, than Elle's your woman. Her lyrics are the centerpiece on this self-produced record, backed by acoustic guitar, simple instrumentation and the occasional background vocals.

Idylls of the King of the Road by Gerard Smith

Smith grew up in Emmett, where he undoubtedly acquired a love for Celtic music. On Idylls, you'll hear the Celtic influence in the beautifully produced songs. Smith's clear voice and crisp guitars draw you in to hear the stories he has to tell.

Self-Titled by Bill Grogan's Goat

Gerard Smith is also a member of this Celtic-influenced punk/rock band made up of five guys who've been playing music for over twenty years. This stuff is just good fun, played by accomplished musicians. I suspect they are great to see in a pub!

Ypsi-Songs by Various Artists

In this love letter to Ypsilanti, musicians with a connection to the city sing the praises of the river, the cheap housing and the atmosphere. Dave Lawson of The Pop Project, Fred Thomas, Drunken Barn Dance, Charlie Slick and more have tracks on this limited edition CD.

K-Fest 2009 Tour EP by Drunken Barn Dance

Apparently, DBD puts out a special tour EP every time they go on tour. It's homemade and a limited edition, and we have one! It's composed of all live tracks, which in my opinion is perfect, because Drunken Barn Dance is best when heard live. Track 4 is one of my favorites.

Songs from the Upcoming Album Et Cetera by Blase Splee

This one is a preview of the band's upcoming CD that was handed out like crazy at the Blowout. I'm sitting here listening to it for the first time, and you know what? I really like it. It's well-produced, and I like the lead singer's voice. Plus, there's a horn section. I'll get the full-length CD when it comes out!

What you should see this week

Monday 4/20/09 -- SSM -- Movie Star Junkies @Lager House (Detroit)

Tuesday 4/21/09 -- Great Lakes Myth Society (Acoustic SHOW!) -- Justin Townes Earle @The Majestic Cafe (Detroit)

Wednesday 4/22/09 -- Detroit Rock Lottery @Magic Stick (Detroit)

Friday 4/24/09 -- Croff Family Band -- The Beggars @Belmont (Hamtramck)

Friday 4/24/09 -- Flight of the Conchords -- Eugene Mirman @Fox Theater (Detroit)

Saturday 04/25/09 -- The Pat Zelenka Project -- Banana Convention -- Plastic Shapes @The Belmont (Hamtramck)

Saturday 04/25/09 -- Great Lakes Myth Society -- Matt Jones -- Prussia @The Blind Pig (Ann Arbor)

Saturday 4/25/09 -- Terrible Twos -- The Birthday Suits -- Javelins -- Teen Anger @Lager House (Detroit)

Saturday 4/25/09 -- The Hentchmen -- Fortune & Maltese -- The Meltdowns @Painted Lady (Hamtramck)

Sunday 4/26/09 -- French Kicks -- Mason Proper @Pike Room (Pontiac)

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