Sunday, March 8, 2009

March 8, 2009: Saturday Blowout Recap

Wow. What a weekend! It's sort of a good thing that Blowout only happens once a year, because it really is exhausting. That being said, I wouldn't miss the frantic running, split-second decision madness for the world.

Saturday felt like a more typical Blowout day for me. I caught some of eight bands. They were: Julie Nager, Red China, Blue Black Hours, WAR. (Warn Defever of HNIA), The Frustrations, The Meltdowns, Detroit Cobras and Carjack.

The two standouts for me were The Meltdowns and Carjack.

The Meltdowns play this amazingly fun brand of surf rock. I saw people of all ages, including guys I would have thought were hardened punk rockers loving this band. The best part was that they all look like your high school principal. Whenever it is they finish their album, I will be getting it, and it will be at the library.

I finished the night with Carjack. I've seen him a few times, and it's always more than just music. It's performance. This time, there were more animal masks than I had ever seen. By the time I got into the K of C lounge, drums were being rolled out into the audience and drumsticks handed out. People were pounding along to his electronic really felt like some sort of happening. You should always go to a Carjack show when you can.

Now, a couple of pictures.

My one and only Frustrations pic

The Meltdowns

Carjack with a little help from his friends


See you tomorrow for your regularly scheduled music post!


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