Saturday, March 7, 2009

March 7, 2009: Metro Times Blowout Friday Recap

Let's not talk about how I only saw three bands last night. You should just know that I had fun, ok? Those three bands were Elle and the Fonts, Allan James & The Coldwave and Great Lakes Myth Society. I liked them all. Last night was more about networking, really and I kept ending up in places where everyone was. It was cool. Here are some pictures:

Elle at Kelly's Bar

GLMS at the unbelievably packed Atlas

Tim Monger of GLMS showing off the band's beer cozy

Tonight, well I really hope to see more than last night. Come out and see all the tired people muster up their energy for just one more night of Blowout fun!

Saturday's picks are below!


Saturday 03/07/09

9:20 PM -- Bar Carbon
Motor City Sidestrokers

9:20 PM -- Jean's
Romeo Flynns

9:20 PM -- K of C Lounge
The Displays

9:20 PM -- Paycheck's
Red China

9:40 PM -- Baker's Streetcar
Old Empire

10:00 PM -- The Belmont
Leaf Erikson

10:20 PM -- Bar Carbon
The Polish Muslims

10:20 PM -- Painted Lady
The Frustrations

10:20 PM -- Paycheck's
Oscillating Fan Club

10:30 PM -- Record Graveyard
Johnny Ill Band

10:40 PM -- Atlas
Black Jake and the Carnies

10:40 PM -- Small's

10:40 PM -- Whiskey in the Jar
Misty Lyn and the Big Beautiful

11:00 PM -- The Belmont
Lightning Love

11:00 PM -- K of C Hall
Magic Shop

11:20 PM -- Jean's
The Crooks

11:20 PM -- Kelly's
Cougar the Tiger

11:20 PM -- Paycheck's

12:00 AM -- Trowbridge House

12:20 AM -- Jean's
Satori Circus

12:20 AM -- K of C Lounge

12:20 AM -- Paycheck's
Pinkeye with John Sinclair

12:40 AM -- Atlas
Scotch Bonnet

12:40 AM -- Small's

1:00 AM -- The Belmont
Friendly Foes

1:00 AM -- K of C Hall
The Detroit Cobras

Phew! See you this weekend!


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  1. Yeah cuz Kell, I would have to agree with you on Carjack, although and unfortunately I only caught like 2 songs. Drunk and ADHD would pretty much sum up my entire weekend. I got to see Sh! The Octopus, some band with a giant cardboard penis, Millions of Brazilians, Bits and pieces of what was at the painted lady, Allan James and the Coldwave (AJ I just wanted to throw you around like a baby, you in fact do have the best voice in Detroit. I love you) The Dirtbombs, Stair into the sun, Lee Marvin computer arm, Friendly foes......and some dudes rapping. I didn't know what bands I was seeing half of the time wile I was wondering around the K of C hall, but all that matters is that I was there. As of the dudes from X! Records, you guys see me enough, I owe some of you dinner at my house for not making the show (and you know who you are). I got to say hello to a lot of my friends that played this weekend, but missed a lot of there sets because I was a drunk/retarded fool. I'm sure I'll see all of you dudes this summer at some other festivals. Good job to all, love and respeck.

    -Sarah Vermiglio.