Friday, March 6, 2009

March 6, 2009: Thursday recap of Blowout

Well bummer! I forgot my camera last night! And the camera phone pictures aren't looking too promising either. I guess I'll have to paint pictures with words.

So last night I saw Fields of Industry, Sik Sik Nation, Deastro and Timmy's Organism. Fields of Industry rocked it way more than I thought they would, given the mellower feel of their album. I definitely enjoyed it and wished I could have stayed longer. Instead I speedwalked a mile up to Small's to see Sik Sik Nation, who I see so infrequently that I always find myself saying to my friends "wow! I really like these guys". Deastro was playing the GIANT Knights of Columbus Hall which was very echoey. I always love Deastro and he didn't disappoint. Especially when he was throwing little gifts out to the audience, including a ceramic cat that looked like an alien. Which broke. I finished my evening with Timmy's Organism. It's worth the trip simply to see Timmy Vulgar duct tape his head and contort his face. You would think that when someone like Timmy asks for three shots of Jager, that he'd get them immediately...but alas he didn't until the end of the set.

Please come out tonight! It's going to be awesome. I can guarantee that I will be at the Atlas at about midnight for Great Lakes Myth Society. Join me in seeing just how many people will fit in that postage stamp-sized bar!

Don't worry, my picks are still below!

Friday 3/6/09

9:20 PM -- Atlas
Matt Jones

9:20 PM -- Painted Lady
The Blueflowers

9:20 PM -- Whiskey in the Jar

9:40 PM -- Kelly's Bar
Elle and the Fonts

10:00 PM -- New Dodge Lounge
Detroit Pony Express

10:20 PM -- Painted Lady
Allan James and the Cold Wave

10:40 PM -- Small's
Running With Panthers

11:00 PM -- K of C Hall
Terrible Twos

11:00 PM -- Trowbridge House
Madame XD

11:20 PM -- Painted Lady
Scarlet Oaks

11:40 PM -- Small's
The High Strung

11:40 PM -- K of C Lounge
Aran Ruth

12:00 AM -- K of C Hall
Lee Marvin Computer Arm

12:20 AM -- Atlas
Great Lakes Myth Society

12:40 AM-- Kelly's
The Hadituptoheres

12:40 AM -- K of C Lounge
City Center

12:40 AM -- Paycheck's
Dutch Pink

1:00 AM -- K of C Hall
The Dirtbombs

1:00 AM -- New Dodge Lounge

1:00 AM -- Trowbridge House
Blackreign and Ohkang

Saturday 03/07/09

9:20 PM -- Bar Carbon
Motor City Sidestrokers

9:20 PM -- Jean's
Romeo Flynns

9:20 PM -- K of C Lounge
The Displays

9:20 PM -- Paycheck's
Red China

9:40 PM -- Baker's Streetcar
Old Empire

10:00 PM -- The Belmont
Leaf Erikson

10:20 PM -- Bar Carbon
The Polish Muslims

10:20 PM -- Painted Lady
The Frustrations

10:20 PM -- Paycheck's
Oscillating Fan Club

10:30 PM -- Record Graveyard
Johnny Ill Band

10:40 PM -- Atlas
Black Jake and the Carnies

10:40 PM -- Small's

10:40 PM -- Whiskey in the Jar
Misty Lyn and the Big Beautiful

11:00 PM -- The Belmont
Lightning Love

11:00 PM -- K of C Hall
Magic Shop

11:20 PM -- Jean's
The Crooks

11:20 PM -- Kelly's
Cougar the Tiger

11:20 PM -- Paycheck's

12:00 AM -- Trowbridge House

12:20 AM -- Jean's
Satori Circus

12:20 AM -- K of C Lounge

12:20 AM -- Paycheck's
Pinkeye with John Sinclair

12:40 AM -- Atlas
Scotch Bonnet

12:40 AM -- Small's

1:00 AM -- The Belmont
Friendly Foes

1:00 AM -- K of C Hall
The Detroit Cobras

Phew! See you this weekend!


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