Monday, March 23, 2009

March 23, 2009: A Break from the Usual

Attention: Your regularly scheduled review/album highlight of the week has been postponed. Due to transportation-related stress, this blogger has been unable to make up her mind as to what album to talk about. In lieu of a review, I have pictures, and if all goes well, a video.

For those of you who might be curious about what flavor of Bathgate the audience got on Saturday, I can tell you it was Hail Mary. Or rather, The Hail Marys: an assemblage of eight (plus Chris Bathgate himself) of the finest Ypsi/Ann Arbor musicians to be had. They all crowded on the stage and blew our socks off. As I said last week, Bathgate transcends his genre (folk) and this performance was just more evidence to prove my point. There was actual head-banging going on around me during “I Know How You Are Going to Die Tonight”! The full-band-extravaganza-of-instruments is frankly my preferred version of the band because of the overwhelming “wall of sound” quality it inevitably achieves. Let’s face it, no one needs two bassists and two trumpeters, but it’s pretty cool to see and hear.

Opening for CB & THM (that’s never going to catch on) were Charlene Kaye & Her Heroes and Frontier Ruckus. Kaye and her band put on a fun, poppy set complete with a bassist sporting a cast (which in turn sported the band’s set list) who played his bass with a drum stick. Plus, the 80s/90s keyboards gave the right amount of lo-fi to make you rock back and forth with a big grin on your face. Frontier Ruckus was amazing as always, and I must say it’s easier to sing along when you’ve listened to their album 200 times (which I know I’ve done because my Zune Bronze listener badge tells me so).

On to the pictures:

Zach Nichols on trumpet and Chris Bathgate

That's Matt Milia on slide guitar to the left

The Hail Marys do their thing.

And my first foray into video:

Stuff You Should See This Week

Tuesday 3/24/09 -- The Decks -- Hammer No More The Fingers -- Steve McCauley @Lager House(Detroit)

Thursday 3/26/09 -- Child Bite -- Young Windows -- My Disco -- The Summer Pledge @Lager House (Detroit)
Friday 3/27/09 -- SikSik Nation -- Qualia @Belmont (Hamtramck)
Friday 3/27/09 -- Frustrations -- Necropolis -- Bad Party @Lager House (Detroit)
Friday 3/27/09 -- New Thrill Parade -- Marco Polio & The New Vaccines @Trumbullplex (Detroit)
Friday 3/27/09 -- Satin Peaches (CD Release) -- Starling Electric -- Mick Bassett & The
Marthas -- Lightning Love @Blind Pig (Ann Arbor)
Friday 3/27/09 -- ‘DAP Fundraiser -- Misty Lyn & The Big Beautiful -- Frontier Ruckus -- Tone & Niche -- DJ Bouget @Pike Room (Pontiac)
Friday 3/27/09 -- Pink Spiders -- The Word Play @Paychecks (Hamtramck)
Saturday 3/28/09 --The Von Bondies -- Nico Vega -- Millions of Brazilians @St. Andrews Hall (Detroit)
Saturday 3/28/09 -- The High Strung -- The Hat Madder -- The Dirty Birds @The Elbow Room (Ypsilanti)
Saturday 3/28/09 -- National Ghost -- Flop House -- Lucky Brown @New Way Bar (Ferndale)
Sunday 3/29/09 -- The Juliets -- Slow Giant -- Lull Tucker @Cliff Bell's (Detroit)


  1. That video turned out better than I thought it would.

  2. Nice blog! Looks like you just started it though. A few years back, during my senior year of HS, I ran a gaming/tech blog that pretty much ended up becoming a part time job. Keep it up though. It's a good site and I'm sure more people will start reading it as you keep writing. Not to mention, with a music scene as good as Detroit's, you'll have quite a bit to write about.