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March 2, 2009: Some News, Metro Times Blowout Picks

Hello dear readers! This week things will be slightly different, because there's a big event I want to tell you a minute. First I want to let all the folks who visit the Ferndale Library that it will be closing on March 6th so we can begin moving! We're not sure when we'll open back up, but keep your eye here and on our website for news!

Alright, on to the Blowout!

For the uninitiated, The Metro Times Blowout is an annual local music event that takes the city of Hamtramck by storm. This year there are over 200 bands at 15 venues. The Blowout is all about running around Hamtramck in the cold trying to hear as many bands as possible. It's fun, it's crazy and it's exhausting.

Below are the bands I'm going to try to see this weekend. I've decided this is the year to try to see some new music, so a lot of my picks are based on a few songs on the bands' myspace pages. You can find the full Blowout schedule at

Wednesday 3/4/09 -- Blowout Pre-Party

8:45 PM -- Magic Stick (Detroit)
The Electric Firebabies

9:30 PM -- Magic Stick (Detroit)
Child Bite

11:30 PM -- Majestic Theatre (Detroit)
Outrageous Cherry

11:45 PM -- Magic Stick (Detroit)

12:30 AM -- Majestic Theatre (Detroit)
The Meatmen

Thursday 3/5/09

8:40 PM -- Kelly's Bar (Hamtramck)
The Pantones

9:00 PM -- New Dodge Lounge (Hamtramck)
Fields of Industry

9:00 PM -- K of C Hall (Hamtramck)
Rogue Satellites

9:20 PM -- Painted Lady (Hamtramck)

9:20 PM -- Jean's (Hamtramck)
The Codgers

9:20 PM -- K of C Lounge (Hamtramck)

9:40 PM -- Small's (Hamtramck)
Sik Sik Nation

9:40 PM -- Baker's Streetcar Hamtramck)

10:00 PM -- New Dodge Lounge
Millions of Brazilians

10:20 PM -- Paycheck's
The Prime Ministers

10:40 PM -- Baker's Streetcar
Much Too Much

11:00 PM -- K of C Hall

11:00 PM -- Trowbridge House of Coffee
Charlie Slick

11:20 PM -- Paycheck's
The Decks

11:20 PM -- Jean's
The Juliets

11:40 PM -- Kelly's
The Dial Tones

11:40 PM -- Small's
Mick Bassett & The Marthas

Friday 3/6/09

9:20 PM -- Atlas
Matt Jones

9:20 PM -- Painted Lady
The Blueflowers

9:20 PM -- Whiskey in the Jar

9:40 PM -- Kelly's Bar
Elle and the Fonts

10:00 PM -- New Dodge Lounge
Detroit Pony Express

10:20 PM -- Painted Lady
Allan James and the Cold Wave

10:40 PM -- Small's
Running With Panthers

11:00 PM -- K of C Hall
Terrible Twos

11:00 PM -- Trowbridge House
Madame XD

11:20 PM -- Painted Lady
Scarlet Oaks

11:40 PM -- Small's
The High Strung

11:40 PM -- K of C Lounge
Aran Ruth

12:00 AM -- K of C Hall
Lee Marvin Computer Arm

12:20 AM -- Atlas
Great Lakes Myth Society

12:40 AM-- Kelly's
The Hadituptoheres

12:40 AM -- K of C Lounge
City Center

12:40 AM -- Paycheck's
Dutch Pink

1:00 AM -- K of C Hall
The Dirtbombs

1:00 AM -- New Dodge Lounge

1:00 AM -- Trowbridge House
Blackreign and Ohkang

Saturday 03/07/09

9:20 PM -- Bar Carbon
Motor City Sidestrokers

9:20 PM -- Jean's
Romeo Flynns

9:20 PM -- K of C Lounge
The Displays

9:20 PM -- Paycheck's
Red China

9:40 PM -- Baker's Streetcar
Old Empire

10:00 PM -- The Belmont
Leaf Erikson

10:20 PM -- Bar Carbon
The Polish Muslims

10:20 PM -- Painted Lady
The Frustrations

10:20 PM -- Paycheck's
Oscillating Fan Club

10:30 PM -- Record Graveyard
Johnny Ill Band

10:40 PM -- Atlas
Black Jake and the Carnies

10:40 PM -- Small's

10:40 PM -- Whiskey in the Jar
Misty Lyn and the Big Beautiful

11:00 PM -- The Belmont
Lightning Love

11:00 PM -- K of C Hall
Magic Shop

11:20 PM -- Jean's
The Crooks

11:20 PM -- Kelly's
Cougar the Tiger

11:20 PM -- Paycheck's

12:00 AM -- Trowbridge House

12:20 AM -- Jean's
Satori Circus

12:20 AM -- K of C Lounge

12:20 AM -- Paycheck's
Pinkeye with John Sinclair

12:40 AM -- Atlas
Scotch Bonnet

12:40 AM -- Small's

1:00 AM -- The Belmont
Friendly Foes

1:00 AM -- K of C Hall
The Detroit Cobras

Phew! See you this weekend!


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  1. I will give you a free CD if you stop by Kelly's on Friday! Thanks for the shout out.